Freeze mage has been around ever since the universe was created, always evolving and finding it's way into the meta.

Even with the removal of ice lance, the deck is currently one of the stronger ones in the meta since very few decks can defend against ice block - alex - burn. The Approach is a bit more value and long-breath oriented through cards like Medivh.

Keep in mind that Volcanic Potion and Eater of Secrets (and even the second Ice Barrier) are tech choices, and can be replaced with whatever you feel is strong against what you are currently facing. Antonidas can greatly help burn through massive amounts of armour for example, and Gluttunous Ooze is very strong against Pirate Warrior, Paladin, and an enemy Medivh.

The deck can be challenging to pilot correctly, so we definitely recommend checking out our team's streams to see the deck in action!