Collection of cheep Budget Decks (under 2000 Dust) without Epic, Legendaries or Adventure cards!

Other cards you could use: (most cards that are only 1 time in the decklist can used a 2nd time too)

Feel free to change the decklists like you want and get a feeling about your own deckbuild skills :)

Druid: Knife Juggler, Evolving Spores, Keeper of the Grove, Shellshifter, Soul of the Forest

Hunter: Hunter's Mark, Timber Wolf, Trogg Beastrager, Knife Juggler, Deady Shot, Nestic Roc, Stampeding Kodo

Mage C'Thun: Mirror Image, Cult Sorcerer Acolyte of Pain
Mage Elemental: Mirror Image, Flame Geyser, Shimmering Tempest, Fire Plume Phoenix, Tol'vir Shaper, Acolyte of Pain

Paladin: Equality, Blessing of Kings, Argen Squire, Acolyte of Pain, Stonehill Defender, Spellbreaker, Stampeding Kodo

Priest: Binding Heal, Holy Smite, Kabal Talonpriest, Thoughtsteal, Kabal Songstealer, Free from Amber, Acolyte of Pain

Rogue: Hallucination, Journey Below, Razorpetal Lasher, Sap, Shiv, Fan of Knifes, Perditionsblade, Shadowstrike, Golakka Crawler, Ravasaur Runt, Igneous Elemental, Dark Iron Dwarf, Spellbreaker, Violet Teacher, Stranglethorn Tiger, Stampeding Kodo

Shaman: Earthshock, Lightning Bolt, Feral Spirit, Lavaburst, Flamewrathed Faceless, Master of Evolution, Tidal Surge, Argent Squire, Argent Commander

Warlock: Mortail Coil, Lakkari Felhound, Argent Squire, Elven Archer, Golakka Crawler, Dark Iron Dwarf

Warrior: Golakka Crawler, Spellbreaker, Argent Commander, Reckless Rocketeer