I -) Who Am I?

Hello friends!

My name is Johnny Stone and i'm a professional Hearthstone player and streamer for flowesports.

I love experimenting with new decks and i want to share my newest creation with you: „AggroBeastReaver“

First of all: thanks for reading this guide and if it is helpful to you, dont forget to upvote it!

If you want to see more of me, i'm streaming daily on Twitch.

I also post frequently on Twitter and Facebook as well as creating videos for Youtube!

Finally you can find many more guides at my teams website: flowesports.com

II -) Basics

Since the meta in standard mode is not to my liking at the moment (too many powerful rng cards like Yogg-Saron, Hope's End, Tuskarr Totemic, Barnes and curve decks beeing too strong and too easy to play) i've decided to give wild mode a chance - and boy, it is fun!

I have tried a lot of different decks and my "AggroBeastReaver", a hybrid between the old aggro druid and the new beast druid currently popular on standard ladder seems to be countering the meta quite well, while at the same time providing you with fast games for a quick climb.

III -) Replacements/Choices

Fel Reaver is a core card in this deck and i dont recommend replacing it.

Menagerie Warden could fit in this list as a one off, feel free to try it instead of Loatheb or Savage Combatant.

The 3-mana slot is flexible you can also try Shade of Naxxramas.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton is also an option since Warlock or Hunter heropower would be a big upgrade!

IV -) Playstyle:

Your playstyle is very similar to any other aggro deck. Take control of the board in the early game and tempo out your opponent with strong minions.

An unanswered Innervate Fel Reaver for example will just be too much damage for your opponent to recover.

Try to avoid unnecessary trades and instead maximize face damage wherever possible. Don't be afraid to use Savage Roar on turn3 or 4 when you have some minions on board just to get in the damage before you loose your small minions to some AoE removal.

V -) Mulligan:

Keep in any scenario: Innervate, Enchanted Raven, Living Roots (except vs Priest)

Keep with coin: Darnassus Aspirant, Druid of the Saber

Mark of Y'Shaarj only with a cheap beast already in hand

Fel Reaver only with Innervate already in hand

Loatheb only against Freeze Mage

Piloted Shredder only against Priest or Control Warrior

VI -) Matchups:

coming soon.